Welcome to Munford Baptist Children’s Ministry

 At MBC we take seriously Jesus’ command to “allow the little children to come to me.” Our desire is to connect children to Christ, each other and to support parents in their roles as Christ-followers and mentors of their children. We recognize that parents have been given the primary responsibility for their children’s faith education (Deuteronomy 6:4-9). As a ministry we want to do what we can do to reinforce what you are teaching your child about the love of God through Christ. Our ministry team has prayerfully considered the best way to support a “balanced diet” of spiritual learning and growth oppotunities. In doing so, we use the Answers curriculum for our K through Middle School children. We have wonderful leaders and teachers who lead children through this age appropriate Bible study. We also have Children’s Worship, which provides a Christ centric message and energetic worship. There are opportunities each week for your child to learn and grow in a safe, fun-filled and spiritually rich environment.


Nursery – 6th Grade

Nursery I & II

Our desire is to create a pleasant, safe and clean environment in which your child has his/her physical
and spiritual needs met. At MBC, it is our goal to accept joint responsibility with parents in ensuring the
spiritual nurture of their child. Therefore, we are honored to have your child in our Nursery.
It has been concluded that a child’s world view is shaped at a very early age. Preschool Ministry is vital in a child’s development because it helps establish a strong spiritual foundation. We desire to see preschoolers know, love and follow Jesus. This timeless opportunity to influence little children is a tremendous blessing.
MBC Kidz (Ages 4-6th Grade)
MBC is an exciting place when it comes to our Children’s Department. We have so much to offer! We have Bible study, Children’s Church (Ages 4-5) and Children’s Worship (1st-3rd Grade) during our morning Worship service. Music & Missions on Sunday nights, also A.W.A.N.A. on Wednesday Nights during the school year!
Angie Smith, Children’s Ministry Director
Email: angiesmith@munfordbaptist.com
Phone: 256.404.4353