Growing mature followers to reach the world with the Gospel


            At Munford Baptist Church, it is our mission to be a living expression of God’s love to all peoples, inviting them to an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ, wholly committed to His Word. Growing and thriving through discipleship to reach our community, our nation, and the entire world.


We grow mature followers by:

            Effectively teaching the Word of God through a systematic approach.

  1. This is primarily done through small groups.
    1. We focus on assimilating all members and attendees into a core Sunday School group.
    2. Our Sunday School groups will have a focused curriculum that will teach the same Biblical Truth throughout all ages at an age appropriate level. This engages Biblical conversations between grand parents, parents, and children.
    3. In addition to our Sunday School groups, we will also offer small group Bible studies throughout the year. These studies will further engage our members in the Word of God and empower them to serve Him in their homes, at work, at church, in our community, and on missions around the world.
  2. We encourage our members and attendees to come to each service time with an expectant heart.
    1. Here at MBC, we expect God’s Word to challenge and change us forever. We do not expect to remain the same after worshipping Him through His Word.
    2. We desire to worship the Lord through His Word as passionately as we do in song.